I’m Janie Lin Smith also known as the Energetic Health Coach. You might be wondering what is an Energetic Health Coach and how it differs from a regular Health Coach. My practice is unique in the sense that I have taken tools and modalities from all of my certifications: Reiki Mastery, Certified Health and Life Coaching, Certified and Licensed Massage therapist, Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Former Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Certified EFT Practitioner. By combining the them all I have created my 4-Point Multifaceted Balancing System. You can read more about that on my Programs Page.

What started me on my mission to help people live a heathy, happy and balanced life? Seventeen years ago my son, who is now 19, was expressing symptoms of what the doctors were calling ADD and ADHD. They strongly requested that I put him on Ritalin at the age of two. I knew something else was possible, both health wise and energetically for my son. I lived in a small town in Colorado and at the time, I couldn’t find anyone locally who could help me with his “behavioral issues” without the use of medication. My awareness (gut feeling) was that medications were not the answer and there was really nothing wrong with my son. In fact, while I would observe him in simple everyday actions I discovered he was actually brilliant on an intellectual level. I immediately noticed that he was ambidextrous. He would write with his left hand and eat with his right, or switch them on a whim. He really didn’t have a point of view about it. He was just super aware of many things at the same time and didn’t cognitively know what to do with it in everyday life.

I began my mission to find something that would really help him and simultaneously give him tools he could use throughout his life. I changed his diet and removed all food dyes and artificial flavorings, added more fruits and veggies and found that this helped him immensely. Then I became aware that my child had way too many “chefs in his kitchen, i.e. my husband, his 4 grandparents, his teacher at day care, another at school and me…each who cared about him deeply, but each with a different set of rules for him to follow. I couldn’t do about that at the time. Too many different sets of rules and regulations would drive anyone crazy.

I found that incorporating meditation that was simple and easy for him to actually do, helped immensely. I purchased some meditation audios of Doreen Virtue. This became a well-received ritual in our home. He would often be the instigator, and would ask if it was time for our ‘Medication’! (that’s what he called it), however not a great tool to use at school.

We found a pocket sized labyrinth that he could take to school and that seemed to be the ticket to help him focus instead of disrupting the class because he was bored. I was aware that something was still missing. He was calmer and able to focus better, but he was still having severe anger and emotional issues. He was getting so angry he would dig his nails into his arms and leave red marks, clench and grind his teeth, and he couldn’t cope with too many people in his space for more than 30 minutes to an hour at a time.

Here’s what I know now. Kids pick up on everyone’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. They are like sponges. If the children are in an environment where there is constant trauma, drama, judgment, sadness, bullying, fighting, etc., they don’t know what to do with it. What they feel inside is emotional turmoil and anger. There is no “correct” and “acceptable” outlet for kids to dissipate these emotions that aren’t even theirs, they are just picking them up from everyone around them.

I did the only thing I could think of at the time. Against all wishes of my husband I went to a Golden Retriever breeder and bought my son a dog. Best choice ever at the time. The two of them were inseparable. My son had less anger and a best friend that didn’t judge him, beat him up, or add to his inner emotional imbalance.

Here is what I have become aware of….

There has to be a balance in your life. It may not be possible to change the environment you are in, however it is possible to change the your internal environment. No matter what happens in your childhood, you can choose something different now.

My son is my “Why” for what I do now. I have since created two more wonderful and amazing sons that have added to and accelerated my “Why”. I offer support and assistance with balancing your Nutritional, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual states. My focus is to create a ripple effect from the inside out, so to speak. A happy healthy body creates happy healthy relationships, which creates more happy healthy people, which creates a happy healthy planet.


  • I received a wonderful massage from Janie a couple of weeks ago. Her soft touch, intuitively moving where my body wanted and loosening up knots with such ease had me so relaxed and yummy feeling during and afterwards. It was an amazing experience:) If I lived close by I'd get a massage from her on a regular basis. Try her out and see what her healing hands can create for you?
    Pia Jansson
  • I am continuously amazed at Janie’s ability to tap into what is going on with my body, ask me questions that I think are totally not relevant, and eliminate 90% of my pain without even touching me.
    Dr. Sandy
  • Janie is an inspiration to me in her willingness to be a catalyst for change! She has shown me that you can choose for you no matter what, even when things get tough.
    Susan Shatzer
  • Working with Janie is a gift to my life. She created the safe space for me to really take a look at where I was limiting myself with the choices I was making. Without all those limitations I am much happier!
    No Name
  • After the remote energy work you did last night, I woke up this morning and forgot to take my pain meds. That hasn’t happened since I was in my motorcycle accident three weeks ago! Thank you so much
    Dr. Doug
  • Just you talking about the molecules shifting and changing and all of that. Things are already shifting and changing in my life!
    Charlinda Byrd
  • I admire your Janie’s strength to push through the damper that was put on her when she was younger and allowing her kids to be themselves while teaching them how to channel their energies in a positive way.  I have only read through 1/2 of the chapter, but thought I'd give a shout out and tell your wife good job.
    Paige Lofthouse Woodland