Secrets to Mental Health and Clarity

Truths about processed foods and Inflammation
April 9, 2016
Live Your Best Life NOW with Janie Smith
April 9, 2016

What is your main thing that you focus on every day? Have you ever actually thought about this? When you wake up in the morning what are the first thoughts that go through your mind? Do you even have the desire to get out of bed? Are you feeling sluggish or energized and ready to go? Are you stressed about money? Are you in a relationship that is a contribution to your life? Are you choosing a job every day that you love and enjoy, or are you only there because you believe that you are stuck and have no choice?

What does your personal space look like? If your personal space is cluttered, messy and dirty this will reflect in your mental state of mind as well. If you are having a hard time focusing on one task at a time, take a look at your house. Pick a room or a closet and organize it, clean it up. Notice what changes occur.

What are you ingesting and exposing your body to? What kinds of foods are you eating? Fast food and processed foods contribute to acidic environments in your body. Things like candida thrive on sugary processed foods. The truth is, Candida will create slow and sluggish mental health.

What kinds of people do you surround yourself with? Are your friends happy and supportive of you? Are your friends judgmental, pessimistic and always complaining? The truth is, choosing to be in the space of constant judgment will reflect in your money flows, the shape of your body, your personal vibration, and your belief in yourself. Actually every area of your life. Choosing to surround yourself with happy supportive people will raise your vibration, increase your money flows, the shape of your body may change, and you may laugh way too much!

Do you have things to do every day that are fun for you? When you have something to look forward to every day that’s fun and exciting it makes the boring “not so fun” projects like doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry, etc. go quicker. Do you have a hobby that you like to do that would be easy to incorporate into your daily actions, such as reading, puzzles, taking a walk, playing with your kids/pet, riding bikes, riding horses, arts and crafts, etc?

Find something that’s not “watching TV” that could actually contribute to expanding your life. Watching TV is great for when you would like to “check out” and your body requires some mindless entertainment! If this is your hobby, how much does that actually contribute to your mental health, mental clarity, and the creation of your life?

Are you listening to music? Music is the fastest way to raise your vibration. The conscious mind believes everything you sing because of the heart connection.
Have you listened to the words in the songs you have been singing along with? If you are feeling depressed, stuck or stagnant, turn on your favorite song…the one that you can’t sit still when you listen to it! It’s true! Singing, dancing and moving your body will raise your vibration, clear out the stuck and stagnant energy, and inspire creative action.

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