Living Your Life For You
(and Not for Someone Else)

Janie Lin would love to speak at your next conference, seminar or big event where the audience could benefit from her empowerment Philosophy. Her speech is an investment in your company, team and audience. Contact us at this link to check Janie Lin’s availability.

Janie Lin says:
“I am passionate about helping women because I’ve lived most of my 40 years believing I had no choice and that I was stuck in the life I had created. I know I’m not the only one. I know in the core of my being that this way of living life no longer serves a healthy purpose and it actually creates disease. My mission is to unveil the myths of obligation, guilt and no choice……and empower women to create their phenomenal lives.”


  • I received a wonderful massage from Janie a couple of weeks ago. Her soft touch, intuitively moving where my body wanted and loosening up knots with such ease had me so relaxed and yummy feeling during and afterwards. It was an amazing experience:) If I lived close by I'd get a massage from her on a regular basis. Try her out and see what her healing hands can create for you?
    Pia Jansson
  • I am continuously amazed at Janie’s ability to tap into what is going on with my body, ask me questions that I think are totally not relevant, and eliminate 90% of my pain without even touching me.
    Dr. Sandy
  • Janie is an inspiration to me in her willingness to be a catalyst for change! She has shown me that you can choose for you no matter what, even when things get tough.
    Susan Shatzer
  • Working with Janie is a gift to my life. She created the safe space for me to really take a look at where I was limiting myself with the choices I was making. Without all those limitations I am much happier!
    No Name
  • After the remote energy work you did last night, I woke up this morning and forgot to take my pain meds. That hasn’t happened since I was in my motorcycle accident three weeks ago! Thank you so much
    Dr. Doug
  • Just you talking about the molecules shifting and changing and all of that. Things are already shifting and changing in my life!
    Charlinda Byrd
  • I admire your Janie’s strength to push through the damper that was put on her when she was younger and allowing her kids to be themselves while teaching them how to channel their energies in a positive way.  I have only read through 1/2 of the chapter, but thought I'd give a shout out and tell your wife good job.
    Paige Lofthouse Woodland